Five Cool Party Ideas For Autumn

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The scorching heat of summer is finally over and you can actually step outside for a moment without getting burnt. With Autumn bringing a welcome change in the cooler weather, you do not want to miss the golden opportunity to gather together friends and family who have been stuck in air condition for the past few months. Here are five cool party ideas for Autumn to get you started.

A marquee street party.

Throw a serious Autumn celebration and turn your entire street into a buzzing event; just make sure you grab a marquee to give your guests some shade. If you really want to wow your guests, grab a crossover or hexadome marquee from the party experts at Modern Party Hire . If you have not seen one of these marquees before, there is nothing that brings elegance outdoors quite like one of these marquees. Plus, they are big enough to make sure everyone gets some shade. Bring in some live entertainment and get everyone dancing in the street.

Cinema under the stars.

Again taking advantage of the cooler weather, this is one unique party idea that will no doubt be one of your year’s highlights. Rent out an outdoor cinema set-up, get an old-school popcorn machine and enjoy your favourite flicks of all time underneath the stars. You can even make it an all night event by adding a Playstation playoff into the mix. Either way, it will be on party they’ll talk about for a long time.

Jumping Castle.

Don’t forget about the kids! Autumn lets you stress less about heat exhaustion and dehydration so get that gigantic castle set up for your kids and all their friends and let them wear out their little energiser bunny bodies Pull out the barbecue, throw on some snags and the parents can have their own party while the littles ones are distracted.

Boat Party.

Definitely going far from the house with this idea. Get together with your closest friends, think of any old excuse to throw a party and rent out a boat. Pick up a couple of polaroid cameras and snap away at the beautiful people and beautiful scenery. And of course you can’t forget that tube for you to float on while enjoying your beer. Anchor down at a picturesque locations and then bring out your fishing rods and catch your own dinner. If your boat is decked out with beds, stay the night on the water and wake up to catch the sunrise.

Your kitchen rules.

With all of the fun happening on cooking shows on TV, you don’t need to be left out from all the excitement. Whether you grab your friends from work, from church, or from your sporting team, get all the husbands and wives

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