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If you’re thinking about changing your look, it’s best to take a look at a few hairstyles that are especially flattering for your face shape. There are several hairstyle trends that are projected to be pretty popular throughout 2014, so you’re sure to find a new ‘do for your coif that suits you perfectly. We checked in with a stylist from a popular salon, Hairzoo, and these are some of the up and coming trends in hairstyling for you to keep an eye out for.

Side-Swept Long Tresses
If you have long hair, sweep the hair to the side after blow-drying your tresses straight. This shows of the features of a slightly long face beautifully. The style also shows off the health of your hair and can showcase a new color or highlights. Keep the style in place with decorative bobby pins and wear your coif in this formation for your next date or networking event.

The topknot is an ideal style for a casual day of running errands or grabbing lunch with friends. Pulling all the hair to the top of the head brings out your cheekbones and makes your chin area more prominent, making the style ideal for faces that are slightly round. A topknot that is pulled back a little, toward the middle of the head, looks best on oblong faces, as this keeps the face from appearing too slim.

1940s Glamour Curls
Curls that give the hair lots of body and display vintage charm can flatter round faces nicely. A side part gives more definition to the cheekbones and can make the eyes appear bigger, and you can add a decorative barrette on one side of the style to bring even more attention to the soft curves of your face. Smaller curls are best for this style if your face is rounder in shape. Larger glamour curls will flatter an oval face shape, along with a middle part. This style is sure to turn heads if you wear it to a formal event like an evening wedding or cocktail party.

Fringe Bangs
Fringe bangs can make an oval-shaped face appear softer and rounder. The fringe of the bangs also makes the style soft and keeps the hair from looking too weighted. Long, wavy or layered tresses go well with fringed bangs and frame an oblong face nicely.

Wavy Ponytail
The wavy ponytail is the perfect style for heading to the pool or the beach. If your hair is naturally straight, you can create waves by adding mousse to damp hair and braiding the ponytail. Leave the braid in for a few hours to create a wave pattern in the hair. A high ponytail is ideal for oblong faces, while a ponytail in the middle of the head is best if you have a round or heart-shaped face. Parting the hair in the middle brings more attention to your cheekbones if you have an oval countenance; try a side part to frame and define a square-shaped face.

These styles will help you look your best, whether you’re getting ready for work or spending the day in a casual setting. When you choose a style that compliments your natural features, you’ll have the confidence you need to enter any setting and make a great impression.

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