Family Dinners On A Budget

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Is your family on a tight budget? Trying to create healthy meals that taste good while saving money can be a big challenge. Even if your budget isn’t too small, thinking ahead when it comes to your cooking can save your family money. You don’t have to turn to cheap, processed food in order to save cash; there are ways to keep your family healthy without breaking the bank. Follow a few of these tips and you’ll stretch your dollar further in the kitchen.



Eggs are a great food; loaded with protein and nutrients and completely inexpensive. Scramble them up in the mornings for a healthy breakfast, combine with vegetables for a satisfying omelette and make sandwiches for delicious packed lunches.

Choose your meat wisely

Buy your chicken on the bone, and choose cheaper cuts like thighs over breasts to save cash. They have a better taste anyway, and can be cut up and cooked in a variety of ways; from flavoursome casseroles to wraps and rice dishes. Turkey is another healthy, inexpensive meat that can be used in countless meal options, and tough beef cuts can be tenderized and made delicious through slow cooking.

Bulk up with beans

Although you may think of meat when you consider the protein portion of your meal, you can boost the nutritional value of your family meals while saving a little extra money simply by reducing the amount of meat in the dish and adding in vegetarian alternatives. Beans, lentils and other pulses are often cheap to buy and can be added to dishes like stews to add volume and protein. Rice and beans is a classic money-saving dish and a Mexican classic, and with the right seasoning and flavours can be a delicious cheap meal.

Pasta dishes

For quick, easy and inexpensive meals, you can’t beat a good pasta dish. Try out new combinations like tuna pasta bakes and cheesy chicken concoctions; your kids will always love it and you can freeze up the extra for nights when you don’t feel like cooking.

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