Essential Things to Look for in a Vacation Apartment

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When you go on vacation, deciding where to stay is one of the main decisions. Should you choose a hotel or resort? Perhaps you should try to keep your budget as low as possible and book a hostel? What about booking a house or apartment? If you decided that booking an apartment is the way to go, it can be very overwhelming trying to choose one that’s suitable. You can stay in someone else’s home or second home while they’re not there. Or you can book a serviced apartment, where someone will come in and clean.

Booking a serviced apartment can save you money, partly because you can cook your own food. You also get more space and privacy, and there are no set meals or meal times. Vacation apartments are great for longer stays, since staying in a hotel can get boring. But what should you look for in an apartment?

Check the Photos

Some websites are designed for people to list their own homes or holiday homes. They sometimes have a process where the people listing apartments can have verified photos. This means that a photographer from the website has come and taken pictures of the apartment. On one hand, you know that the listing is real. But remember that a professional took the photos, and they can make things look bigger and brighter.


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Is it a Serviced Apartment?

When you book a serviced apartment through a site like, it means that the rent includes cleaning services. This is ideal if you’re too busy doing business or sightseeing to worry about cleaning the apartment. Sometimes there’s a limit to how much you want to feel at home!

The Layout of the Apartment

It’s important to know how the apartment is laid out. Are the bedrooms separate? Is everything open-plan, with a combined kitchen and living room, or is everything split up? You might be booking a studio apartment where the living room and bedroom are one and the same. Check that you have private bathrooms and study the pictures of the apartment to get a better idea of what it looks like.

What Does the Apartment Include?

You need to check which items the apartment is stocked with. Is the kitchen fully equipped for a dinner party, or are there only enough pots and pans to make a small meal? Check whether the apartment has bed linen and towels or whether you have to bring your own. The apartment might not have bathroom toiletries, so make sure you know if you need to pack them. You should also see if there are any additional costs for certain amenities and services; for example, WiFi or laundry.

When you book a vacation apartment online, make sure that you do so through a legitimate and reliable website. You don’t want to get stung by a scam or discover that the apartment isn’t what you thought it was. Make sure that you’re paying through a secure system too, either online or over the phone.

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