Early Signs of Pregnancy

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Are you a few days (or weeks) late and starting to worry? Your period can be a no-show for plenty of reasons, and pregnancy is just one of them. However, if you’re experiencing a few of these other tell-tale symptoms of early pregnancy and the weeks are passing by, you may want to investigate further with a home pregnancy test or a trip to the doctor.

Some of the most common signs that can accompany the very early weeks of pregnancy are:

  • Breast changes


Due to the huge hormonal fluctuations that begin in your body as soon as you get pregnant, your breasts can start feeling swollen, sore and sensitive within weeks of conception.


  • Cramping and spotting


Implantation bleeding can take place anytime from around 6-12 days after conception, and may feel a lot like regular menstrual cramps, making for some confusion as to whether your period or pregnancy is to blame. The bleeding that can occur with implantation will be much lighter than your period, and the cramping should be mild.


  • Mood swings


Another early pregnancy symptom that can feel a lot like PMS are the emotional changes that can take place. The usual culprit, hormones, can make you feel more depressed or anxious than usual, or happier for no apparent reason, and these feelings may shift rapidly.


  • Food and smell aversions


Although you may have always loved the smell of coffee in the morning, early in pregnancy the smell may make you feel sick, and you might find yourself going off that daily latte or evening glass of wine. Your sense of smell may be heightened overall, making you easily nauseated and more fussy about the foods that you crave.


  • Bloating

It takes quite a while longer for pregnancy to “show”, but abdominal bloating can start very quickly, leaving your jeans feeling a little tighter and creating a swollen feeling that can feel a lot like PMS bloating.


Many of these early signs of pregnancy can be very similar to feelings you might normally get around your period; so rather than jumping to conclusions or dismissing the idea, it’s always good to take a pregnancy test to clear up any doubt.

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