Do you have Back Pain? 5 ways to relieve the pain

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In terms of invisible illnesses, back pain gets a surprisingly small amount of attention from the general public, considering how incapacitating it can be for those who suffer from it. Seeing as at some point in their life most people are going to experience the excruciating experience –it’s important to have some well-known pointers to alleviate the suffering rather than letting it consume your lifestyle.

Supportive Brace

Sometimes back pain can reach a level far beyond what small life changes can alleviate. It’s at this moment that it becomes necessary to purchase physical aids to ease the pain and help support your back whilst it slowly recovers from the muscular trauma. A back brace is the perfect tool to keep your posture in check, and your muscles in a position where they have constant support and can’t be damaged anymore. In terms of a good quality product, Optomo have a large variety of back braces that can support different body shapes and areas that are in pain.


The muscles in your lower back become painful either when they are tight from lack of movement, or have been overworked in a way that’s not natural for them. When you experience back pain, slowly stretching them out a few times a day – both as a preventative and recovery method – will allow the muscles to garner movement and regain their past mobility again. It’s important to note that this process shouldn’t be rushed however, small stretches are all that’s necessary – lest you cause even more damage to the area.


In terms of the leading cause of everyday back pain, posture plays a very significant role. This has become especially worse in today’s modern society for two main reasons. Firstly, regardless of a person’s employment most jobs require spending a large amount of time seated at a computer. Secondly, most personal entertainment (video games, television, personal tablet computers, and the internet) also requires you to be in a seated position. If you conduct all these activities for endless hours every day with bad posture it’s going to have a significant impact on pain in your back, as well as neck and shoulders. Once you become aware of your posture while involved in these seated activities, you will be surprised at how your back pain is relieved.

Gentle Exercise

Once the muscles in your back have slowly began the process of healing themselves, it’s necessary to also incorporate gentle exercise into the recovery process. Your back needs this small amount of added movement in order to gain the level of mobility you had prior. Of course you should absolutely not overdo it – especially in the beginning. You want to get the muscles warmed up by moving slowly and not strenuously. A walk around the block is definitely sufficient.

Heating and Cooling Aids

Finally, one of the best ways to treat back pain is to use heating and cooling aids. The main forms these come in are in physical packs (which can either be heated or frozen) or by gels that you rub on areas afflicted by muscular pain. These work as a one-two punch by loosening the muscles and also causing a numbing effect to relieve pain. They are a great idea to use both when the pain is severe, and as a preventative tool.

If you follow the above five pointers, you should see a significant improvement both in preventing back pain in the first place, and in creating a quicker recovery time. Of course, there must be any number of special tricks that you have picked up over the years. Be sure to pass them on below in the comments.

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