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After spending much of autumn and winter and looking out of my window, watching the rain slowly turn my garden into a lake, I decided enough was enough.

I am tired of being kept a prisoner in my own house by the weather, so one of my (many) New Year’s resolutions this year, has been to equip myself properly to do my best to enjoy the elements and do something about my garden.

My garden and house are both fairly modest so last year I invested heavily in space saving furniture, storage and clever lighting to make the most of my home. That, as well as some frantic pre-Christmas de cluttering, has left me with a bit more room to manoeuvre, however much as lighting can be brilliant at making a room feel cosy or creating a mood, it is natural light that I crave.

Living about 10 miles south of Manchester I have finally come to the conclusion that with the small amount of ‘rain free’ days I can actually look forward to, better use could be made out of my garden by building a conservatory. The added benefit of having a conservatory is less garden to look after, plus more space for my work and guests, as my turn to play hostess is long overdue!

A quick google later and there seem to be a baffling array of options available. So I got busy with a notebook and pen to decide what it was that I really wanted. More light, check. Additional seating, check. A clutter free room, check. Somewhere ‘gardeny’ but comfortable and out of the elements, check. A quiet space away from the kids, now that’s tricky because where I go, children and mess will undoubtedly follow. Still, I can dream.

Having completed this exercise I decided to circle the one that felt the most important, and surprised myself by coming up with an unexpected answer; additional seating. I hadn’t, until this moment, realised how much I had been restricted by the size of the house. I rarely invite friends round and am forced to work on the kitchen table. The living room, for me, is to be avoided at all costs as it is swamped by children’s toys and used mainly as a soft play area whether I like it or not!

Imagine then, the possibility of having my own space! Whilst the children will I am sure, invade, there is no denying that I could at least call the space my own and therefore kit it out according to my taste and to suit my needs.

A rattan sofa with matching chairs, coffee table for my guests and a lamp table nestled in a quiet corner with a magazine rack and foot rest … perfect. Best of all, absolutely no TV. That’s one measure that is sure to help keep the kids away!

Thinking about what I actually wanted in my conservatory has really helped me to define the style and shape that I want. Ultimately I have decided on an ‘L’ shape that cuts a swathe into the garden but still makes me feel like I am actually outside.

With an arm chair positioned in the ‘L’ and a water feature and pretty plants directly outside I can be warm and cosy (not to mention dry) yet surrounded by nature at the same time! Bliss!

Nicola Wilson is a keen blogger and mother from the UK, currently working for She has an interest in Home decor and the property market.

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