Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares: The Mistakes No One Talks About

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Once an unachievable dream, only sought out by those with an aptitude for magical herbs and pirates (read: anyone who’s seen Pirates of the Caribbean) on a quest for an eternal fountain. Whether you’re being nipped, tucked, filled or frozen – the promise of everlasting youth via cosmetic surgery for women has never been a greater reality. Of course, with the prospect of improved features and a newly acquired sense of self-confidence, there’s the chance you might become one of the horror stories featured in the centre-spread of every woman-centric magazine. Let’s be real for a moment, you are not going to end up with a Michael Jackson nose; the horror stories you read about are completely avoidable provided you don’t falling into the following traps.

Choosing Your Surgeon without Making Sure They Have the Right Credentials

While you were lying at your gyno’s with your legs up in stirrups, you may have noticed a fancy looking poster on the wall with the tag line Say Goodbye to Laugh Lines: Ask Me Today about Botox. Since when did you gynaecologist have a talent for injecting Botox? Here’s a newsflash for you: Not all surgeons are created equal. The world of plastic and cosmetic surgery is drenched in murky waters due to the fact that the industry is not regulated. While a trained plastic or cosmetic surgeon will have at least twelve years medical experience training in a specialised field, your regular old doctor can (and will) take a weekend course and claim to be knowledgeable enough to perform procedures. Before you side with one surgeon, check their credentials, talk to their previous patients and ensure that it is the right fit for the type of surgery you require.

Not Preparing for the Possibility of Bad Scarring

Modern technology improvements have made it possible for surgeons to perform larger procedures with smaller, efficient tools. That still doesn’t mean that you won’t scar. For big operations like tummy tucks and breast lifts, many people believe the possibility of scarring comes down to a surgeon’s steady hand. This is not the case. As far as your healing process goes, a lot of it comes down to genetics. Higher pigmented skin is more likely to scar which is something to keep in mind while you heal.

Being Unaware of all the Complications

A good surgeon will allow you to make an informed decision about your surgery. Make sure you get all the facts by doing extensive research into your procedure, noting the possibilities of probable complications. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice concerns.

Lying to Your Surgeon about Your Cigarette Habit

A surgeon will naturally ask you about your medical history including you experiences with prescriptions and smoking. No matter how bad you want the surgery, to lie about it puts you at a greater risk. As heavy smokers have less oxygen in their blood, most surgeons will not operate until the patient quits due to the likelihood of suffering poor wound healing, separation and unwanted bleeding.

Buyer Beware: The Case of the Tori Spelling Breast

Everyone noticed the large indent in Tori Spellings chest after undergoing a breast augmentation. Most people put it down to a dodgy surgeon, but it was actually due to the fact that her naturally wide and depressed sternum, which wasn’t apparent with her smaller breasts, but exaggerated with the augmentation. This is quite common with four out of ten women needing post-op surgery. What does this tell you? Before you go under the knife, question your doctor on whether you are the right candidate for that particular procedure.
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