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With the holiday season upon us, and plenty to plan for, food is undoubtedly one of the most important factors for a perfect festive atmosphere. Although most of your stress may be directed at the main big meal on Christmas day, if you’re throwing holiday parties then you probably have a lot of other food to think about. Here are some easy ideas to help you feed your friends and family in style.


For the kids

When it comes to Christmas nibbles for the children, cookies are always the way to go. Classic iced sugar cookies never go out of style, and can be cut into all sorts of festive shapes, while gingerbread men with happy faces are also a great winter treat. For kiddie holiday drinks, hot chocolate is the firm favourite, but add a dash of cinnamon for an extra warming kick. Punches can also be a delicious Christmas drink: make a special kiddie cocktail just by combining some fruit juices and a dash of soda.

For the grown-ups

Dips are a staple of the holiday season and for good reason; a few delicious dips at your party can liven up vegetable sticks and chips for hours. Hummus is an easy classic that can be homemade and varied to your liking, or a warm spinach and artichoke dip is sure to please your guests.

Smoked salmon spreads served on crackers make a delicious and easy to prepare appetizer to share around with drinks. For other light bights, try mini crostini or bruschetta breads decorated with various toppings, from pesto and cherry tomatoes to prosciutto or crab spreads.

Be sure to include a fair amount of variety in your appetizer choices, so that there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. If you decide to go for a cheese board, always a popular option, ensure that there’s a little bit of everything. And most importantly, make sure that you have enough to go around, and that the drinks are flowing! As long as people have enough to nibble and sip on, the mood should remain festive long into the evening.

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