Choosing Your Birth Control

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When choosing birth control, there are so many different options and alternatives that it may feel a little overwhelming. The key is to find the strategy that suits your personality, lifestyle and health needs the best. With some thorough research and all the information to hand, you can easily find a birth control choice that you feel comfortable with. Just ask yourself a few simple questions.


Can you remember to manage your birth control every day?

If you’re an organised person who likes routine and doesn’t often forget things, then the pill may be a good option for you. The pill is very effective if you remember to take it as you’re supposed to, can help with certain menstrual problems and for most women is very safe. You should avoid the pill if you think you’re likely to forget it, or have certain health conditions like heart problems, high blood pressure or get migraines.


Would you like a more long-term solution?

If you’d prefer to deal with your birth control less regularly, the contraceptive injection, implant or an IUD coil may be good alternatives. The injection is done every 3 months to prevent pregnancy, while the implant lasts as long as 3 years, and the IUD is replaced every 5 years. These options all come with some side effects, so do your research to be sure that they suit you personally. These long-term solutions may provide peace of mind, particularly if you’re not planning on starting a family anytime soon. They’re also all easily reversible if you decide you do want to get pregnant, or if you have any issues and change your mind about using them.


Protecting against infection

All of these hormonal contraceptive options don’t protect against infections, so remember to use a condom as a back-up contraceptive if you want to be 100% safe in your sexual activity. Condoms can also be a good birth control option if you want to give your partner a little more of the responsibility, and they don’t require any prescription or cause any side effects.

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  1. Natalie A.

    I’ve been taking the mini-pill for about a year now and I love it. It doesn’t include estrogen, just progestogen, so it lowers your exposure to hormones. You take one everyday, so you don’t get the huge hormone drop during the ‘period week’–great for people, like me, with migraines that are triggered by hormonal changes. Added bonus: no periods! Some people do experience spotting as they’re getting used to it, but I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I don’t even have any tampons in my house anymore!

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