Causeway Bay Serviced Apartments: The best alternative to expensive hotel stays

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There are plenty of ways to save on your finances when it comes to traveling around Hong Kong (regardless if you’re a group of travelers or a corporate employee on an offshore project). One cost-effective solution is thinking of using the most affordable accommodation in the city. There are actually several lodging options that are less pricey than hotels and you can simply find these inexpensive housing options in a serviced apartment in Hong Kong. A managed flat is basically offered as a fully furnished and fully serviced unit and it’s now widely recognized as one of the best alternatives than staying in an expensive hotel room.


Serviced flats- A cost-effective lodging solution


Staying in a hotel for more than a week to a month can certainly dent your wallet, that’s why settling for a managed apartment in Hong Kong is the best solution yet. This type of accommodation is certainly available for short or long-term rentals and is already furnished with some of the basic home essentials.


Affordable apartment living in the city


Apartment living can be appreciated more in a serviced accommodation because it’s a lodging option that offers you the comforts of home, with a few hotel amenities. Now, it’s not much different from a hotel because some managed apartments also offer the use of their gym and swimming pool (amongst other facilities).


In a serviced flat, you’ll also get to choose your desired length of stay, since you’ll no longer have to worry about paying a high-priced room rate, as you’ll only be asked to give a one-time fee (as opposed to getting charged by the hotel on a daily basis).


While hotels may be the ideal accommodation, serviced lodgings also get to offer their tenants more privacy and more space. And unlike hotels that have all the rooms bunched up into just one area, managed flats offer theirs in a more spacious layout. You’ll get the opportunity to work productively or to entertain guests without them being distracted by the near sight of the bed or kitchen.


Save more by staying in a serviced lodging


Serviced lodgings also provide cooking facilities inside their apartments, so instead of ordering room service and drinking those over-priced sodas in the fridge, you’ll get the chance to buy your own products, and have those prepared in your own kitchen. Having a kitchenette that’s just within your reach will certainly help you save more on your daily expenses. But on top of that, you’ll also get to watch what you eat should you have certain dietary concerns.


Of course, you won’t have to worry about cleaning and managing the house, as most managed lodgings offer packages that already cover these services (i.e. housekeeping, maintenance).


Where to find a serviced accommodation in Causeway Bay?


For example, The V apartment in Causeway Bay also affords their tenants some of the best facilities and services. They’ve actually furnished each of their units with a 7.1 surround sound entertainment system, DVD player, iPod cabling, LCD TV, Wi-Fi, in-room washer and more. On top of that, daily housekeeping and a 24-hour security service have also been included in their room package. 

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