Caring For Curly Hair

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For some women, curly locks can feel more like a curse than a blessing. While curly hair can look truly awesome, it can also be far more difficult to manage. Instead of battling your curls with irons and expensive treatments, embrace your natural look with some simple care tips.


No more heat

If you’re like many curly girls, you’ve probably spent years of your life blow-drying, straightening and damaging your hair through over-heating. Aside from flattening your beautiful curls, these habits dry your hair out and make it frizzier and unhealthier in the long-term. Ditch the straighteners, and your curls will thank you for it. Be sure to let your hair dry naturally, and avoid rubbing with a towel. If you really need to dry your hair in a hurry, try a diffuser instead of a normal blow dryer.


Ditch the shampoo!

Or at least reduce how much you’re using it. Many curly girls swear by Deva Curl’s “No Poo” products; these are daily conditioners that keep curls clean and soft without stripping your hair’s natural moisture. If these options are too expensive for you or you can’t resist the shampoo, try and shampoo less frequently to let the natural oils in your hair work their magic, and use creamier products aimed at moisturising curly hair.


Comb, not brush

Brushing your hair will cause breakage and damage, so use a wide-tooth comb to work through any tangles, or simply use your fingers.


Find the right products

A great anti-frizz serum can work wonders on dry curly hair, adding shine and flattening any flyaways. Often, cheaper products work as well as the pricier ones, so experiment with brands to find ones that work for your hair. When it comes to mousses and gels, try not to apply too much, and scrunch into your curls to get the right effect. You can also shape curls yourself with your fingers to define the individual locks.

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