Budget-Friendly Weekend Activities for Couples

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Even though the festive season is over, the holidays are done and the holiday funds are all spent, there’s no need to give up on romantic and relaxing days with your partner. You can still make the most of your weekends together without having to spend up big. Here are some great ideas for budget-friendly activities you can enjoy with your other half.

Enjoy the Ocean Air

A trip to the beach is an ideal getaway for couples on a budget. A day by the sea will get you sun, surf, sea-breeze and sand, all for the price of however much petrol you’ll use to drive there (or a train/bus fare if you can catch public transport, of course). That’s great value!

The beach is a playground full of endless possibilities, you can enjoy it together in so many different ways. You and your significant other can play sports in the sand, relax with a book in the sun, swim and surf in waves, take a leisurely stroll up the shore, channel your inner child and fly a kite or build a sandcastle – whatever suits you until the sun goes down.

And don’t forget to bring a picnic! Or perhaps fish and chips while watching the sun set is more your style. The beach is a great place to get active or relax, be romantic or boisterous, chill out or charge up, whatever kind of couple you are – and totally budget-friendly!

Get Back to Nature

Spending time outdoors amongst nature can be very therapeutic, and it’s a wonderful way to spend a weekend with your partner. Find a national park or a hiking trail near you and spend the day strolling amongst trees and spotting wildlife. There are so many stunning places to explore, from rivers to waterfalls, rainforests to mountaintops, boardwalks to beaches – you could even make a habit of exploring a new track every week or month. The outdoors is an attraction that can be enjoyed for free, and it’s always a different experience, best enjoyed with loved ones to share in the beauty.

Sleep Under the Stars

Camping is another fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors and allows you more freedom to travel a little further and stay outdoors a little longer. You don’t have to get home before dark, you bring your bed and your dinner with you and enjoy it all alfresco. It can be as cheap and simple as you want it to be, but you can glam it up if you’ve got a taste for comfort. You can while away the whole weekend puttering around the campsite with your dearest, relaxing quietly or exploring vigorously – whatever you enjoy most.

Cocktails by the Pool

Turn your home into a makeshift cocktail lounge for a day and lap up the sun’s rays in the comfort of your own home. Put together some home-made cocktails and serve them ice-cold while you relax poolside. Set yourself up with some good music and comfy lounges, wear your most glamorous shades and pretend your own pool is a private lagoon in an A list resort somewhere. It’s a romantic getaway without the price tag and no need to travel.

You can even visit http://www.alliancepoolstores.com.au/ and set yourself up with some pool heating so those cooler afternoons are no deterrent to a poolside cocktail party for two.

It’s easy to spend quality time together without breaking the bank once you get a little inspiration. You can turn weekends from drab to fab without the budget blowout, these mini-getaways will recharge your minds and bodies, and get you through until the next holiday away.

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