Best Beaches of Hawaii

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Hawaii is a truly special destination; no other vacation location matches it for beauty and tranquillity. It’s also full of amazing beaches, each with their own character and positive attributes. When choosing the best spots to spend the day on your vacation on the beautiful Hawaiian islands, it can be difficult to know where will suit you best. Here are some of our favourites:

 Hapuna Beach (Big Island)

This is one of Hawaii’s most popular beaches, and for good reason. Its sand is soft and light, with clear water that is perfect for a huge variety of activities, from surfing to snorkelling. For those who like to lunch on the beachside there are great picnic facilities, and you can also camp on Hapuna Beach.

Napili Pay (Maui)

The clear water of this secluded cove beach is perfect for swimming and relaxation, and will provide a quiet getaway from the busy resorts and more touristy beaches on the island.

Waikiki Beach (Oahu)

One of the most famous beaches in the world, Waikiki is truly unmissable. With a massive range of activities to choose from and its beautiful white sands, along with plenty of restaurants and shopping on its beach walk, you could easily find days of fun at Waikiki.

Halona Cova (Oahu)

This romantic, stunning cove is now more easily accessible from Blowhole Lookout and is unmatched when it comes to atmosphere. You can also take part in some whale-watching from December to May.

Hulopoe Beach (Lanai)

This beach off the south coast of Lanai features is home to the Marine Life Conservation District, so its ideal for holidaymakers also looking to seek out some wildlife, rather than just sunbathing. You can see dolphins and tropical fish, and also take part in snorkelling, diving and swimming, making for a perfect Hawaiian day out. This beach also includes good facilities and camping areas.

Mahaulepu Beach (Kauai)

This beach is perfect for adventurous types. Often ignored by tourists, it features cliffs, caves and coral reef, and is an ideal spot for snorkelling. Keep an eye out for the seabirds who make this beach their home, and for fossils, many of which have been found along these shores.

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  1. I could do with some sunshine! That picture looks so lovely. It’s been so unseasonably cold and wet down here. It makes your dad’s arthritis so bad, you know. How’s the weather treating you all up there? xoxoxox Mom/Grandma

  2. Laura Fredericks

    They filmed the famous beach scene in “From Here to Eternity” on Halona Beach Cove. My husband humoured me by recreating the kiss during our honeymoon there. I wish we could go back. Maybe for a 10th anniversary?!

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