Applying for a Rental Property? What Property Managers Look For

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If you haven’t rented a property before, it’s a good idea to consider what property managers look for when they meet a potential tenant. A lot of real estate agents offer advice on this via their websites. There are also websites, such as, that provide a range of other resources for those who are looking for property advice. Even if you don’t get the property for which you’ve applied, it pays to make the best impression possible on the property manager, as they will very likely have other properties to rent on their books, and they usually keep a shortlist of good tenants and potential good tenants. Consider the following when applying for a rental property – and remember to think about what property managers look for in a tenant.

Present Well – Look Your Best

While meeting a property agent is not quite the same thing as meeting a potential employer, remember that the two kinds of meetings have some similarities. You want the property manager to take you on as their tenant. This means you want to give the impression of being a tidy, organised person, similar to the impression you’d want to make when meeting a recruiter or employer for the first time. Be punctual, and polite. This demonstrates that you are responsible, you keep commitments, and you will be easy to manage as a tenant.

If you have to meet the property manager during work hours, try to ensure the appointment isn’t too rushed as this can place you under stress and give the impression of a harried, stressed out individual. Don’t be afraid to shift the meeting time if you need to. It isn’t a bad idea to come from work, as you can demonstrate that you are working and appear professionally attired. Remember that the property manager looks after the owner’s interests, not yours, so you want to leave them thinking that you are calm, collected, responsible, and easy to deal with. This kind of tenant makes property managers smile.

Demonstrate Your Ability to Pay

If you are working, make sure you arrive at your rental property with evidence of this. A recent payslip or a letter from your employer should do. Another way to demonstrate your ability to make the rent is to bring a recent copy of your bank statement in order to show that you have sufficient funds. While you don’t have to dress as though you’re out for a black tie event, it is a good idea to wear something that looks decent. This will show that you know how to take care of things and make them look nice; all property managers look out for signs of slovenly behaviour, as this can indicate you are a poor housekeeper as well.

First impressions count in almost any situation, and this certainly applies to meeting a property manager who handles a place for which you have filled out an application. Dress and behave as you would for any other important meeting in your life. Take every opportunity to showcase your sense of responsibility and remember to bring evidence of your employment and your ability to pay the required rent.

What do you think is the most important thing to be aware of when applying for a rental property? Help others find homes by sharing your experiences below.

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