Accessorizing For The Top 3 Most Popular Boating Activities

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As spring is quickly approaching, many water enthusiasts are beginning to plan their boating excursions. Whether you love to use your water vessel for water-skiing, tubing or wakeboarding, it is important to have all of the appropriate and essential equipment needed to make your trip a success. Some items, such as a universal wakeboard tower, are functional for multiple water sports. Here are a few of the most popular water sports, and the accessories you may need to organize your trip.


Activity #1:  Wakeboarding

For those who love to snowboard and surf, wakeboarding is a measure of balance and athleticism. It offers fun for a wide range of skill levels as beginners can learn to ride rather quickly. More advanced wakeboarders can increase their adrenaline by getting air off of a wake or using a man-made obstacle or jump.



Typical wakeboarding accessories, as advised by Wake Essentials, include:

  • Wakeboard rack used to store equipment safety.
  • Wakeboard tower mirror allows the boat driver to keep an eye on the wakeboarder at all times.
  • Wakeboard handle and line that is shorter than a traditional line.
  • Bindings and board that are customized to fit the wakeboarder.
  • Flotation device should cover the back, chest and abdomen of the wakeboarder.
  • Wakeboard helmet helps to prevent the boarder from obtaining any traumatic head injuries.
  • Wakeboard fins and other accessories help the boarder to perform various tricks and jumps.


Activity #2:  Water-Skiing

For those who would rather have two feet in the water, water-skiing will allow you to do just that. Boats that are pulling water-skiers must drive at a quicker pace than those pulling wakeboarders. Although the sport of waterskiing has been around for quite some time, new technology has allowed faster boats to pull skiers quicker, giving them speed to perform new tricks, including jumping and slalom.



Having the proper water-skiing equipment is essential, and includes the following:

  • Water skis that are the correct length for the athlete.
  • Ski bindings that are customized for the athlete.
  • Ski handle and rope that is neither too short nor too long.
  • Ski gloves for a better grip on the handle.
  • Wakeboard Rack to store equipment while boating.


Activity #3:  Boat Tubing

While wakeboarding and waterskiing may be limited to older children and adults, tubing behind a boat is fun for the entire family. The driver of the boat can determine which speed is appropriate, thereby accommodating any passenger-young or old. With so many water tubes and accessories to choose from, you can create an afternoon of fun for everyone.



For boat tubing, the accessories are really individualistic and may include:

  • Tube or water dog, depending on what type of water device interests you the most.
  • Line that is either longer or shorter. Keep in mind that the longer the line, the more room the tube will have to move back and forth over the wake. Also, you can tie the line directly to the tube so there is no need for a handle.
  • Life vest that fits properly.
  • Wakeboard tower with Bimini top to store your tube until you get to the perfect spot.


Boating is a thrilling experience that many Americans love to recreate all summer long. Making sure that you have all of the appropriate equipment for any water activities that you want to engage in will ensure that your entire family will get to enjoy their time on the water.


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