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Welcome to American Daughter! The website is dedicated to the modern American woman, from the college graduate just starting out in the real world to the American mother, looking for inspiration to balance home and work. Whether its cooking and household tips, travel ideas for you and your family or fashion advice to keep you on trend at all times, you’ll find it here at American Daughter! No matter what corner of this amazing nation you hail from, and whether you’re a stay at home mom or a career girl on the move, there’s something for you here.

Although some websites out there focus only on fashion and beauty when it comes to their female readers, here at American Daughter we know that there’s more to the American woman’s world than her hair and nails. Sure, you’ll find beauty and fashion tips here too, but you’ll also find great advice for every aspect of your life.

As American women ourselves, we know that modern life can get stressful, and it can be difficult to sift through all the health and lifestyle advice out there. We’ve done the work for you, and have found all the best tips and facts from our personal experiences and extensive research to share with you. We simplify things down and offer sensible advice that will fit your values.

American Daughter aims to help you improve your life in every way. If you’ve found that your hectic schedule is getting in the way of your health, or that you spend so much time focusing and worrying about the health of your family that you neglect your own, spend some time on our Health page, where you’ll find plenty of great advice on health trends, women’s health issues and tips on taking care of yourself better. You’ll be back to your physical peak in no time!

These are difficult times, and many Americans are struggling to make ends meet. If you’re looking to improve your finances and get on top of your money, American Daughter is here to help, with our Money page ready and waiting to guide you toward better finances for you and your family. Whether you’re trying to save a little extra on your food bills, looking to improve your credit rating or just hoping to save a little extra every day so that you have a chance to splurge on the weekend, our advice will help you get on track.

For plenty of American women, family comes first, and for that reason American Daughter is packed full of tips to help you manage your marriage and your little ones. Here at American Daughter we know that becoming super-mom is no easy feat. Everyone can use a little inspiration and guidance from time to time. Head over to the Family page and you’ll become an expert in mediating difficult situations of sibling rivalry, getting your kids to eat more healthily and keeping the romance in your marriage, plus a whole lot more.

American Daughter’s Food page is where you’ll find all the best advice on healthy eating, delicious recipes and easy ideas for mealtimes, whether you just need to make yourself some quick meals on the go or you have a whole brood to feed.

At American Daughter, we believe that a little pampering never hurt anybody. For you ladies who love all things style and beauty, American Daughter has got you covered. Hair, make-up, nails, general tips and advice on all the latest beauty trends are featured over at our Beauty page.

After you’ve spruced up your beauty regime and got that manicure you’ve been putting off for months, you’ll need some fabulous clothes to match your pretty face. American Daughter’s Fashion page is full of fashion and style tips and guides that will have your wardrobe updated in no time, with advice and fashion ideas to suit every budget and every body type.

If you’re planning a family vacation in the near future, a getaway with your girlfriends or if you’re just looking for inspiration on places to visit and adventures to be had, our Travel page is the place for you. With specialized city and state guides as well as the hottest travel tips, American Daughter will help you plan the perfect vacation.

So there you have it! A website as diverse as American women themselves, American Daughter will help you out in every aspect of your busy life. From fashion to food, we’ve got you covered.


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