A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Teeth

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Taking care of your teeth is a serious business. A white, straight smile can make a huge difference when it comes to appearance – much nicer than a set of crooked, discoloured ‘gravestones’. However, many people don’t care for their teeth properly, making things harder for themselves in the long run. Failing to look after your teeth properly will not only result in a dodgy smile, but probably more money in dentistry costs and a whole lot of pain. Even if you have good oral health, you shouldn’t leave your next trip to the dentist too long before visiting again. Let’s take a look at how you should be caring for your teeth:


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The amount of people that don’t brush properly is really unbelievable. The average person brushes for around 45 seconds – nowhere near long enough to clean teeth and rid the mouth of all that bacteria. Some people still use manual toothbrushes, even with all of the great electric toothbrushes out today. Brushing with mediocre equipment or even rushing a brush just isn’t good enough! Brushing properly is essential to your mouth health. You’re going to need:

  • An electric toothbrush (I recommend Braun).

  • A toothpaste containing fluoride.

If you want to make your teeth whiter, you could also select a whitening toothpaste. Here’s how to brush properly:

  • Make sure you toothbrush is fully charged in order for it to be at it’s most powerful.

  • Use a pea sized amount of toothpaste, and begin brushing your teeth. As you do so, concentrate on each tooth for a few seconds at a time, brushing in circular motions. You should also take time to brush the gums, backs of the teeth, and tongue. Make sure you cover all of your mouth and just keep going until your toothbrush vibrates to alert you that you’ve brushed enough. If you haven’t got one of these brushes, use a timer and set it to two minutes.

  • Don’t worry if your teeth bleed a little the first few times you do this – you won’t do any damage!

  • There’s no need to put excess pressure on the toothbrush, as the motion it makes automatically will be enough pressure alone. If you put too much pressure on the brush, you could brush away your enamel.

Many electric toothbrushes will tell you when it’s been 2 minutes – get one of these if you can! If bleeding continues for longer than a couple of brushes, you should see a dentist and discuss the problem ASAP.


Flossing is the next important step in keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. The bits stuck in between our teeth can cause bad breath, as well as gum disease and other gross problems. For this you need to floss at least once a day. Make sure you select a floss suited to your teeth – some people will have wider gaps than others. Floss between every tooth for a few seconds to remove debris thoroughly (you won’t believe the amount of rubbish that gets stuck in there)!


Mouthwash should never be used alone as a means to clean the teeth, but it’s a great way to follow brushing and flossing. It helps to get rid of any remaining debris in the mouth, freshen the breath, and in some cases even whiten the teeth. Make sure you swill for around 30 seconds for the full benefits – I like Listerine best!


If your teeth are a little stained from certain foods and drink, there is the option of whitening your teeth. You can do this with a professional clinic like ABSAMC.com, or try it yourself at home. Obviously, the results you get with a professional clinic are going to be much better than anything you could achieve at home, but if you only have a case of mild staining then you should be fine. Make sure you buy a whitening kit from a reputable seller however, as some contain dangerous ingredients that can damage your teeth or make them sensitive.

Usually, a home whitening kit will involve you making a gum shield to insert into your mouth with the whitening product, while some kits just use strips. The whitening product always lasts longer if you keep it cool in the fridge! You may also get a small light to hold in your mouth as you do the treatment, as this is thought to accelerate the whitening process. Remember, you’ll probably only go a few shades lighter with a home kit – for dramatic results go to a professional!

Your Diet

Your diet has a lot to do with the state of your teeth. If you’re constantly eating and drinking sugary products, then you will probably find that your teeth start to deteriorate and you may need lots of fillings, or even teeth taken out. Try to eat natural products in order to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. You should also avoid smoking, as this is a great way to stain your teeth yellow/brown and give you awful breath. You can drink tea, coffee, and red wine, just make sure you do so in moderation!

Visiting The Dentist

Visiting the dentist is essential, and you shouldn’t leave it longer than a year in between visits. Any longer than this, and irreparable damage could be done to your teeth. The dentist will tell you just how well you’re doing in the oral hygiene area (you’ll be doing well if you follow these tips), and he may also clean your teeth for you. If you need a filling or something else, then he’ll likely book you in for that another day. Some people are afraid of the dentist, so put off going for as long as possible. However, this is very bad and can cause even worse damage – costing more money, and resulting in more pain in the long-run. Face your fears and go to the dentist!

Your teeth are very important – follow these tips and you’ll have a healthy, bright smile to be proud of!

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