6 Fashion Trends Making a Statement This Fall

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Designers have shared their latest fall/winter collections.

Retail stores have stepped up their game and are already offering these runway-approved pieces.

Despite still enjoying the last warm days of summer, complete with suntan lotion, floppy hats, and flowy summer dresses, we would be remiss to ignore the fresh fall trends that are waiting to enter our very own wardrobes.

So, as the hot summer months begin to wind down, and fall fashion trends prepare to make their big debut, so should you and your fall closet.  With a focus on comfort, individuality, and warm wintry colors, your seasonal outfits are sure to make a splash.

Take a look at the hottest fall fashion trends that are sure to make a bold statement this year and start your fall season off right.

1. The Pantsuit

Harness the power a pantsuit offers and style it in a way that feels good to you.  Tailored for a perfect fit, or slouchy for a more casual feel, there are plenty of pantsuit options hitting the stores that will empower you to feel your best both in and out of the office.

Deconstructed blazers, form-fitting trousers, and traditional pin striping will get in you in the business mood and follow you after hours without a hitch.

2.  Winter Florals

Even though we are sad to have to put away our spring inspired flower wardrobe as the nights become cooler and the days become shorter, there is no reason to retire florals entirely.  Burnt oranges, burgundies, and browns are all the rage when paired with deep blue, purple, and pink florals this winter.

3. All That Shines

Anything with a shine and a shimmer (gold, silver, and even rainbow) are going to make your friends envious of your fall wardrobe.

Swarovski crystals, sequins galore, and shiny metallic pieces in goldenrod, saffron, and even silver, are sure to turn heads the next time you hit the town for a night of fun.

Better yet, leave a trail of sparkle as you showcase your colorful heels and playful fall boots to everyone in your wake.

4. Burgundies

Though fashion designers agree that red is the trending fall color this year, there is no denying the deep rich burgundy hues that have hit the runways lately prove to have staying power.  Push the limits this fall and add a pop of burgundy to every outfit.

Burgundy Medium Faye Bag by Chloé

Pairing well with a periwinkle or bright red outfit, try adding a burgundy Faye Bag by Chloé and make it your go-to accessory this fall season.  With silver and pale gold-tone accents, this shoulder bag in right in line with this season’s fall trends.

5. Comfort is Key

Fashion trends are not always comfortable, but when they are, we are quick to announce it so everyone can take part.  After all, who doesn’t like to look fashionable and be comfy all at the same time?

Soft and cozy cocoon coats, oversized plush sweaters, and boxy silhouettes for days are what’s in store when the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp.

6. New Americana

This eclectic collection of New Americana style is hitting the catwalk hard and inspiring a new sense of patriotism amongst USA lovers.

Varsity sweaters, flag inspired parkas, denim made in the U.S. of A., and even traditional Western motifs are setting the stage for those hopeful the United States will turn its tide and re-imagine itself into a great nation once again.

And that’s what you can expect to be in stores well into the fall season.  So pick your faves and start shopping.  There is no reason why you can’t start incorporating these trendy fall fashion styles into your wardrobe before the summer’s end.

Photo Credit: Eryne! on Flickr. CC-BY-ND-2.0

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