6 Driving Skills Your Daughter Should Know

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Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage all teenage girls look forward to.  In fact, there’s nothing more exciting than waking up on your sixteenth birthday and receiving a brand new, shiny car.

However, getting behind the wheel of a car is a big deal.  And, not one that doesn’t come without risk.

Luckily, you can do many things before your daughter gets her driver’s license to make her a better driver.  Being a proactive parent will help your daughter succeed on the road, and of course remain safe.

That’s why today we are going to make your job a little easier by outlining some of the most essential driving skills your daughter should learn before beginning her driving career.

1. Recover from a Blown Out Tire

Though this is not something you can teach your child how to recover from in real-time, it’s a good idea to remind her of the steps to take should she experience a tire blow out:

  • Don’t overcorrect the steering wheel
  • Hit the gas to counteract the resistance
  • Ease up on the gas and come to a slow stop
  • Pull over and assess the damage
  • Call for help

2. How to Maintain Focus

Many distractions consume your teen’s focus while on the road.  It is important to teach her how to maintain focus so that she remains as safe as possible.

For example, have her look far ahead so she can react appropriately in the case of an emergency.  In addition, tell her to look a few cars ahead and in between lanes, using her peripheral vision.

3. How to Drive a Manual

These days’ automatic cars are the norm.  However, there may be an instance in your daughter’s life when she needs to drive a different car that has a stick shift.  This essential skill may never be put to use, but just knowing your teen can handle a manual car is reassuring.

4. Steering Techniques

Your daughter should learn several steering techniques so that she can maintain complete control of the vehicle:

  • Keep the steering wheel smooth and centered
  • Slow down before making any turns accelerate after the car straightens
  • Keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times

5. Parallel Parking

As cliché as it sounds, learning to parallel park is another great skill to have despite maybe never having to utilize it.  There may be times when your daughter has two choices: either parallel park or park far away and walk to her destination.  Knowing how to parallel park, as intimidating as it may seem at first, is a useful driving skill to have.

6. Study for the Test

4 out of 10 people will fail the written DMV test the first time they take it.  That’s why studying for the written test is almost more important than learning how to physically drive a vehicle.  That’s because in order to drive a car, your teen needs to pass the written test.

One way to get your daughter fully prepared is to have her take a free written driver’s test before the actual test in the DMV.  Then she will know exactly what to study before the big day and avoid becoming one of the many that fail the test the first time.

So, there you have it.  6 solid ways to help prepare your teen daughter for her career as a fulltime driver.  Our children growing up is something most parents don’t see coming, as it happens so fast.  However, by staying proactive you can do your best to prepare and protect her long into the future.


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