5 Ways to Keep your Kids Entertained at Home

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“I’m bored”. This is the phrase that every parent hates to hear. In this day and age of computer games and electronic entertainment, children seem to have largely lost the knack of making their own fun. And outdoor fun has become increasingly rare, so how do you keep the kids occupied and get them out into the fresh air? It’s time to get creative; to devise fun and stimulating outdoor activities that will hold your children’s interest. It just takes a bit of imagination and a nice backyard will also help. Having a nicely mown lawn, freshly landscaped gardens and happy flowers makes the yard a place everyone wants to be. If you don’t have time to maintain your yard or give it an annual makeover, don’t despair. There are lots of wonderful garden experts like PPG who help maintain yards, offer landscaping and also build pools. Now, there’s an idea: put in a pool and you’ll never have to think up ways to entertain the kids again!

Bird Watching

Buy a book on bird varieties in your locality. Encourage your kids to keep a journal of what birds they see. They can have fun trying to identify visiting birds and seeing the varieties change with the seasons. Kids might like to draw a picture of each bird they say and write a sentence about it; start your own family bird book.

Make a Bird Feeder

Get your kids to make a bird feeder and a bird bath. They can make these by cutting a hole in a plastic bottle and hanging it horizontally from a tree. Bird seed is available at grocery stores.

Make a Nature Mobile

Take the kids on an outdoor hunt for things to use to create a mobile. Gather two sticks about half a metre long and place them in an ‘x’. Then tie them together with string. Tie some pieces of string so they hang from random parts of the sticks and tie on treasures, things like pine cones, leaves and flowers.


Get some bubble mixture and place it into several small containers. Next, add some tempera paint to each container, a different colour for each container is good. Then place cardboard on the ground and watch as the kids blow bubbles to land on the board. Every bubble will create its own circle of colour and as they mix, brand new colours will emerge.

Backyard Golf

All you need for this is some paper cups with the end cut off or tin cans with both ends taken off. Place these around the yard to form your own golf course. You can place them in challenging spots, like in an area of soft dirt, to increase the skill needed. You can also get the kids to decorate their golf course. They can make ramps and also add toys, boxes and other items as obstacles. Add some golf clubs and you have hours of outdoor fun.

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