5 Tips For Training New Employees

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One of the best investments you can make in your business is training your employees properly. Not doing so can contribute to a high turnover rate, as well as lost productivity. There are a number of ways you can prevent this from ever happening, and make sure your new team members are successfully integrated into your existing team. In case you need a little help knowing just what these are, read on. Here are 5 tips for training new employees.

1. Have the right person train the new employee.

Oftentimes, we allocate the existing team member with the most free time to work with the new employee. However, as good as that sounds, it’s worth the extra effort to have somebody with more experience or knowledge train the new employees coming in. This will cut down on the training time, as the more experienced member will be able to answer any and all questions the new employee may have, and better communicate just how the business operates.

2. Ease the new employee into their full position.

Starting a new job can have an intimidating effect on people. Unfortunately, some people may freeze up, get nervous or make irrational decisions when first on the job, and so it’s important that you are mindful of this and gently ease them into the full workload. Too much, too fast can be overwhelming and lead to disaster. Take things one step at a time and build upon the skills as they grow comfortable with them.

3. Ask employees to share their expertise.

One of the reasons you hire certain employees is most likely because they have something to offer the company. So make sure you let them share their beliefs and experiences with you from the very first day of their new employment. Not only will this help you and your business in getting a fresh perspective on things, but it can give the new employee a much needed confidence boost. This will help when they are given new tasks and responsibilities, limiting the chances that they will feel not up to the task.

4. Use an online program to help with training.

A great way to give some space to new hires, while helping them learn the ins and outs of your business, is to get them started doing some online courses. You can use an online training management platform such as www.axcelerate.com.au/ to give your employees the opportunity to learn at their own pace and learn new skills.

5. Reinforce effort and smart decisions.

Building confidence is key when you’re training new employees. Coming into a new work environment is nerve racking for most of us, and the thought of being unable to fulfill the job requirements is often quietly looming in the back of our minds. That’s why it’s important that you constantly acknowledge the great work and progress made by your new employees. Simple reinforcements as they’re learning helps them feel more at ease in their new role, and will help them perform at a higher level.

We’ve all been the new guy or girl on the block at some point or another. But luckily, we all eventually adapt to our new environments, and settle in. It may take some a little longer than others, but that’s perfectly okay. Show some patience and with positive reinforcement and an open and communicative relationship, it’s possible to successfully train new and enthusiastic employees in the minimum amount of time.

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