5 Things You Should Never Do After an Auto Accident

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Getting in an auto accident isn’t something that people look forward to or even plan on, but it is something that is a possibility for many individuals. Unfortunately, some people don’t know what to do after they have been in an accident so they do exactly what they shouldn’t. An auto accident attorney would recommend that following an auto accident; you should never do any of the following five things:

1-     Walk Away. Some individuals may look at the damage to their car and assess their bodily injury on their own, simply to decide that it’s not worth pursuing, so they leave the scene. Regardless of whether you think the accident is serious or not, you need to stay put. If you are able to move about, get out and check on passengers and the driver of the other car. In many situations, leaving the scene could result in criminal negligence, so aside from getting your fair compensation, you can avoid criminal charges as well.

2-     Start a Fight. It will be understandable if you are in an accident, that you will be upset. The thing to remember is that you should never start a fight with the driver or occupants of the other car. Your emotions may be over the top, but losing your temper could result in a much worse situation. When you are approaching the other vehicle involved, be sure that the occupants know you are there to check on their well being, and not to get in a fight. As you walk closer, call out to them, asking if they are okay. If everyone is okay, just stay calm and keep to yourself until the police arrive.

3-     Handle it Without Police. It is never a good idea to handle your auto accident without the aid of the police. If you are in an accident and are going to file an insurance claim, a police report will help you to get proper compensation. Additionally, if the other driver tries to take you to court, you will have the police report to back up your story and get just compensation through the legal process.

4-     Admit Fault. Even if you truly believe that the accident was your fault, it is never a good idea to admit that to the other party, or even to the police. There is always the possibility that a witness or a police officer will know something you don’t know, which can prove that it wasn’t your fault. In other situations, the blame might not be placed on either party, and you may have less responsibility to pay for any damages.

5-     Ignore the Issues. There are always issues that come up after an auto accident. Don’t forget to follow up with car repairs, medical appointments, and insurance issues. In many situations, the follow up and the aftermath are more important than anything you do at the scene, and it is important that you do not ignore the issues that are a result of your auto accident.

Be prepared for the next time you are in an auto accident by learning what not to do. For more information, contact an auto accident attorney at AA Accident Attorneys today.

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