5 Must Buy Power Tools for Dad this Christmas

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Trying to decide what to buy your Dad for Christmas? Here’s a tip: most Dad’s love power tools. And what’s not to love? Power tools turn the average Dad into a home handyman. The trick is to work out which tools your Dad needs without giving the game away. Try doing a bit of detective work in the shed and see what you can uncover. For a comprehensive list of power tools your Dad might like, check out the STIHL website


Chainsaws are super handy around the yard. They are great for cutting trees and branches, so if you have a scrubby yard a chainsaw would be the perfect gift. A chainsaw will also take all the hard work out of chopping fire wood. Dad will need safety glasses and hearing protection to operate the chainsaw, or even a helmet with visor and hearing protection built in. Dad should probably also wear steel toed cut resistant boots. If he will be doing some serious chain-sawing a pair of chaps is also a good idea.

Cordless Blower

Clearing the yard, paths and concrete areas of leaf and other litter is very easy with a cordless blower. Dad will be really thankful for this time-saving device. You will need to take a few things into consideration when choosing which cordless blower to buy; how large is the area where the blower will be used; is noise something you need to think about; and is heaviness a factor for your Dad? The cordless blower is easy to start with the push of a button, no pull chain to contend with. It also requires very little maintenance, so is a really cool tool to grab your Dad.

A Hedge Trimmer

If your Dad likes to keep the yard looking spic and span, a hedge trimmer is a great gift. If you have a hedge in your yard or your Dad is interested in growing one, buying a hedge trimmer may give him just the motivation he needs to keep a well-shaped hedge. Make sure that the hedge trimmer you buy has some form of emission control, for the wellbeing of your Dad and for the benefit of the environment. You also need to ensure the hedge trimmer has an effective vibration dampening system to minimise the impact on your Dad when he is using it.


Jigsaws are a fabulous gift for a Dad who likes to cut timber into fancy curved lines. If your Dad is a little bit crafty like that, then a jigsaw would be a great present. It will enable your Dad to cut patterns in wood or particle board and to make things like kid’s toys, frames and other decorative pieces.

Cordless Drill

The good old fashioned cordless drill is a tool that any Dad will find handy. It is the most popular power tool of all time, so if you are in doubt, this is probably a safe bet.

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