5 Cost Effective Hair Loss Solutions for Women

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Losing your hair for men can be pretty hard on their self confidence, especially if they have a lot of their image tied into their hair. But for women it can mean a whole lot more pain and misery if they lose their long locks to hair loss. Thankfully you don’t have to be a millionaire to find some solutions for effective hair loss prevention. Here are 5 hair loss prevention ideas.


Wigs are great fun and it is one of the things that women can do very easily. Over the years there have been a lot of women who have chosen to use wigs over their own hair, simply because they want to go for a different look at different times. If you are suffering from hair loss then a wig can restore your confidence in yourself and help you to feel better about going out and about in the world.


Like a wig, hairpieces are a great solution for hiding hair loss in women, and they are a great way of putting on a new persona for an occasion, or simply trying out new styles. Hair pieces can often be matched to your own hair colour so you don’t need to worry about looking silly. While wigs and hairpieces are not always cheap, especially to get a good one, they do last for a very long time, so your initial outlay will pay for itself over time.

Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

It is believed that hair loss shampoo can go some way towards stimulating the hair to regrow, especially if it is only in the early stages of hair loss. While there is no sure fire way to ensure that every shampoo will do what it says it does, you can do some research around on the internet or through a hair specialist to find out which ones have a good reputation for getting results.

See Your Doctor or Hair Specialist

One way to be sure about what is actually going on with your hair is to consult a doctor and probably a hair specialist as well. Some hair loss in women can be caused by thyroid issues which can often be treated with different types of medication, or other measures. A hair specialist will be able to assess your hair and tell you what is going on with it so you know what you need to do and what to expect from your hair as time goes on. Having some contact with someone about the issue might also relieve stress, which could be one of the reasons you are losing your hair in the first place! Thankfully there are a number of different hair specialists around, including Transitions Hair Australia , so why not ask the experts?

Iron Supplements

There are some studies that show that iron deficiency could be responsible for hair loss, so this could be a good start, before you go forking out heaps of money on various different treatments. Consulting a naturopath will also give you an idea about any other deficiencies that may be causing the issue.

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  1. As far as I know, the only FDA approved hair loss treatment for women is minoxidil. I usually read about hair loss solutions for men, unfortunately not all products that work for men can be used by women. Btw, stress can also be one of the causes for hair problems.

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