4 Places To Shop For Style Without Breaking The Bank

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If you enjoy looking stylish, wearing unique clothing, and not spending a fortune, then you know department stores and pricey boutique stores are not always the best places to shop. Often times, retailers sell items for twice the amount they paid for them (1). So, you wait for the item to go on sale. However, when that outfit you have your eye on makes it to the clearance rack, there is nothing left in your size. So, if you’re looking for high style and have a low budget, here are five places to shop without breaking the bank.

Estate Buyers
Reputable estate buyers with inventory are great places to find stylish, high-end designer clothing for bargain prices. Experienced estate buyers know the difference between selling designer handbags, clothes and accessories and the knock-off versions. In addition, reputable buyers only purchase items in good condition, with many still having the original retailers’ tags. Make sure to foster a trustworthy relationship with your estate buyer. Many times, you can ask him to keep his eye out for special items you want but cannot find, or afford, new.

  Garage Sales
Many hidden gems are found at garage sales. Often, expensive costume jewelry is underpriced, because sellers just don’t know its true value. (1) In addition, careless sellers will often throw real gold and silver jewelry in with the fake stuff, making garage sales great places to score some stylish jewelry. In higher-class neighborhoods, you can score nice designer clothes and shoes for next to nothing. Just make sure to plan your garage sale route so you can hit the best ones early, before all the good stuff sells out.

  Vintage Clothing Stores
Vintage clothing stores are another great place to find unique and stylish clothing and accessories. Since they buy items from people, instead of accepting donations, they are a great source of good quality items. Remember, because clothing styles change drastically between decades and designers. So to avoid disappointment, use the dressing rooms available in vintage stores to try one that one-of-a-kind find.

Sample Sales

Sample sales are wonderful places to find designer clothes at extremely low prices. A designer will rent a space and sell much of their seasonal inventory for around 75% off the original price, in order to make room for the next season’s inventory. (2) There are often times when designers offer deals as “flash sales” on websites like HauteLook.com as well.  This is a great way to buy designer must-haves and wardrobe basics.
Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t afford to be stylish. There are many shopping options available, which allow you to save money and dress fashionably. Before you leave, make sure clear out a space in your closet for all your fantastic new finds.

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