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New York, London, Tokyo, Fiji………these are all places that fall loosely off the tongues of people when you ask them where they are off on holidays. Let’s face it – the world really is our oyster and the list of must see cities or countries is endless. Sometimes it is hard to choose where to holiday or to think of somewhere worthy of saving up your hard earned cash to visit – but next time you are planning your upcoming holiday, why not think of some out the way or less heard of places?

Langkawi, Malaysia

This gorgeous island – about an hour and a half flight from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful place for a relaxing holiday. Popular with honeymooners, the small island in the South of Malaysia is sparsely populated by locals but is scattered with 5 and 6 star resorts designed to cater to your absolute luxury needs. Most resorts are located on the beach and you can really feel like you are on your own deserted tropical island as the crystal clear waters and heavy tropical foliage that covers most of the island set the scene for a very relaxing holiday. Cocktails at sunset are a requirement and then you must try some of the outstanding local cuisine of Malaysian curries, satays and rice dishes. Seafood is also very prevalent on the island and most restaurants will serve the freshest of fish from that day’s trawler catches. Night markets are held in different districts across the island every night of the week – sort of like a travelling cavalry of pop up food stalls with locals serving everything at bargain basement prices. The atmosphere is electric and the smells are overwhelming – you will be hard-pressed to ever find fresher or more flavorsome food.


With the world cup being held here in 2014, it is not going to take long for this place to find itself at the top of people’s travel list. The eyes of the world will all be on the Brazilian cities of Sugarloaf, Cristo or Manaus as the big soccer matches take place, but what many don’t know is that Brazil has some of the world’s most beautiful rainforests and beaches. In fact, there is over 8000km of coastline in Brazil making this the perfect place for explorer’s who want that great combination of sightseeing and relaxation packed into one holiday.

Alberta, Canada

Head to luggagedirect.com.au and buy yourself a big, deep suitcase then pack it with your winter woolies in preparation for Alberta, Canada! Most people head to British Columbia or Ontario when visiting Canada but with Alberta’s recent opening of a Glacier Skyway which takes visitors 280m above the Sunwapta valley over crashing waterfalls, the Canadian Tourist Commission is expecting Alberta to be the popular place to go. The horseshoe-shaped, glass –floored walkway, which is similar to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, offers visitors an unforgettable experience. There are ski fields to rival the world’s best only 2 hours away so this location offers those who like a ‘cold’ holiday some scenery and action all in one.

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