3 Reasons To Background Check Your Online Dates

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Online dating has pretty much taken over as the number one way people meet and form romantic relationships. There’s nothing wrong with that because, hey, online dating makes life a lot easier for some people. Whether you’re insanely busy, new in town, or simply tired of the traditional bar/nightclub dating scene, the Internet could be your saving grace. The only problem is that people often get involved in relationships with someone they met online without actually knowing very much about them or their past.

It’s no secret that people tend to fib about different aspects of their life, especially in the very first stages of a relationship. Perhaps it’s because they want to show themselves in the best light possible. But unfortunately, lying is NOT the best way to do that. In fact, lying is probably the worst thing someone could do in the beginning of a romantic partnership.

Luckily though, there are sites out there that allow online daters (or anyone) to find out more about the people in their life. The Examiner recently featured an article about Instant Checkmate, which allows you to run an online background check and reveal your online sweetie’s true colors. Here are three reasons that everyone should background check their online dates!

1. They Could Be Lying About Their Age

Age is one of the most common things people lie about, especially when it comes to online dating. A lot of folks seem to think that they’re either too old or too young, so when they create their profile, they adjust the age accordingly. They may add or shave off a year or two, or even a decade! Imagine showing up for a date with an attractive 25-year-old only to find out that they’re actually pushing 40. There’s nothing wrong with 40, so why lie about it? The best way to find out your online sweetie’s true number is to run a background check on their name.

2. They Could Be Married!

There are few things worse than finding out your love interest is a lying, cheating, scumbag. However, many online daters are a lot sketchier than you’d think, and lying about having a spouse at home is (unfortunately) pretty common. The last thing you want is to get involved in a relationship that’s built on lies from the get-go, so do yourself a favor and run a quick background check. Marriage and divorce records are public, so if your lover is trying to keep their matrimony under wraps, you’ll be able to tell right away!

3. They Could Have A Criminal Record

The bad boy/bad girl image may be attractive in the movies, but in real life, most folks prefer to stay as far away from criminals as they possibly can. Would you date someone who had a slew of criminal convictions on their record. Um, no thanks! Luckily, you can easily find out this type of information by obtaining a background report. Just like marriage and divorce records, arrest records, convictions, and sex offender statuses are available via public records search services. You may feel a little paranoid at first, but trust us, you’d be shocked at how many criminals are lurking around dating sites at any time. So always remember the old saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry!”

Can YOU think of any other reasons that people should background check their online dates? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments!

Amber Farrington is a blogger from Austin, TX. She specializes in writing about online dating and Internet safety tips. 

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