2014 Door Décor Trends

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Because everything changes so fast keeping up with the current trends can be difficult. With everything from clothing and hair to makeup and nails, many people forget that their house too may need some updating every now and again. Here are three predicted door trends for 2014 that are sure to bring any home into the modern era.

Bold Colors

Gone are the days of boring white doors. Many people are taking it upon themselves to paint their doors a myriad of fun colors from baby blue to apple red. Some of the hot colors this year include red, orange, indigo, yellow, and even lime green.

Different colors send different messages as well. This is important to keep in mind when picking a color. Here are what some colors symbolize when they adorn a door.

Red: “Welcome.” In Chinese culture this color is particularly popular as it represents the mouth of the house and is believed to draw positive chi.

Blue: A blue door is reminiscent of the sky. A lighter blue represents health and prosperity, while a darker blue is indicative of a calmer atmosphere.

Yellow: Any bright color sends out a positive message. The color yellow is symbolic of the sun, and as such presents a warm and friendly atmosphere. It is also symbolic of good humor, wisdom, and confidence.

When painting doors inside a home it is best to pick a few complimentary colors that match everything else you have. This eliminates the hassle of trying to rearrange furniture and décor.

People looking to paint their front doors should consider a darker or softer shade of a popular color and make sure it matches the exterior of their home as well.

Ethnic Designs

People have always had a fascination with exotic architecture, and in 2014 it will be all the rage. Many people are looking to the east in particular and adopting some traditional Asian styles.

Japanese styles are particularly popular at present, with shoji style screens and sliding doors in a doorway with a dark colored wooden border. This is a fantastic option for separating an area that one may want open sometimes and closed other times, such as a kitchen and dining room. A shoji door slides into the wall disappearing and giving the appearance of a walkway instead of a door frame. ­­­­

India is another eastern country that many people are taking to, particularly for front doors. Traditionally these doors are heavy wooden pieces of art, engraved with spiritual symbols and patterns.

Ethnic styles are not only talking points but also expose people to culture that they would otherwise be unfamiliar with.


Glass panels are all the rage right now. In addition to letting in natural light, these doors have a rustic, vintage look that can give any home a beautiful and unique feel. The glass doesn’t have to be perfectly clear. In fact, selecting a glass that is slightly foggy will provide more privacy while maintaining the benefit of natural light.

Stained glass is also making a comeback. Many people are integrating it into door panels or even side windows around their front doors. These colorful pieces of art reflect gorgeous patters of colored light adding a fun and elegant element to any home.

A door is so much more than just a separation of space. Doors say a lot about the individuals who are behind them. By picking a door style that is both modern and creative, people are able to tell a bit of their stories without ever saying a word.

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