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Do Fish Spas Work?


The new spa trend sweeping the nation is a surprising one, but many people swear by its transformative powers. The fish pedicure, initially perceived by many as a silly novelty...


Vintage Shopping Tips

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Shopping at vintage or second-hand stores can be a great way to save money while finding unique, exciting clothing. With some great vintage finds, you can truly set yourself apart...


Best Beaches of Hawaii


Hawaii is a truly special destination; no other vacation location matches it for beauty and tranquillity. It’s also full of amazing beaches, each with their own character and positive attributes....


Managing Migraines

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Misunderstood by those who don’t suffer from them, migraines can be more than just an irritating headache. For women who are plagued by this condition, migraines can be truly debilitating...


Warming Winter Soups

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When it comes to warming you up on a frosty winter’s day, nothing beats a good bowl of soup. Easy to make, super satisfying and often very healthy, winter soups...